Product details
Product features
L-isoleucine (CAS no. :73-32-5) molecular formula :C6H13NO2 molecular weight :131.17.Melting point 288 °C(dec.)(lit.) specific rotation 41 (C =4, 6N HCl) boiling point 225.8±23.0 °C(Predicted) density 1.2930 (estimate)
White crystalline or crystalline powder, no odor, slightly bitter taste
Product use
L-isoleucine can be used in biochemical studies and as a nutritional supplement in medicine.
L-isoleucine can be used as a nutritional supplement.L-isoleucine is one of the essential amino acids in human body, and the minimum daily requirement is about 0.7g.Can strengthen all kinds of food, such as wheat flour, gluten, peanut powder, potato contain isoleucine as a limit amino acid, should be strengthened