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Product features
L-threonine molecular formula: C4H9NO3 molecular weight: 119.12;CAS: 72-19-5.Melting point: 256 °C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation: -28.4 (C =6, H2O) boiling point: 222.38°C (rough estimate) density: 1.3126 (rough estimate)White rhesus or crystalline powder.No smell, slightly sweet taste.
Product use
L-threonine is an important nutrient fortifier that can strengthen grains, pastries and dairy products. It has the same effect of restoring fatigue and promoting growth as tryptophan.Medically, the structure of Chemicalbook threonine contains hydroxyl, which has a water-holding effect on human skin, binds to oligosaccharide chains, plays an important role in protecting cell membranes, and promotes phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in vivo.
L-threonine can be used as an amino acid drug.Mainly used for amino acid infusion, comprehensive amino acid preparation, food nutrition fortifier.Lack of threonine can lead to loss of appetite, weight loss, fatty liver, Chemicalbook atrophy of testis, and staining changes in anterior pituitary cells that affect bone development. Contraindications of adverse reactions: fever, headache and other adverse reactions can be caused when adults are given 22.5g in one infusion.