calcium glycine

calcium glycine

Product details
Product features
Calcium glycinate, formula: Ca(NH2CH2COO)2•H2O;Molecular weight: 206.204
Physical and chemical properties: white powder, easily soluble in water.
Product use
New calcium supplement, calcium gluconate and other calcium supplement is more easily absorbed by the body.Calcium glycine easy to dissolve, high absorption can be used to strengthen children's food, health products and sports drinks, also because of high solubility, can be prepared fruit flavor, high calcium concentrate, used in the manufacture of yogurt.When making Fried food or cake, add the right amount, in addition to the nutritional strengthening effect can also prevent oil oxidation and food hair color, improve the quality of the products.Can be used as food calcium fortifier and nutrient, contribute to the formation of bone, and can maintain the normal excitability of nerve and muscle, and can also be used as buffer, curing agent.