L- tryptophan

L- tryptophan

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Product features
L-tryptophan molecular formula: C11H12N2O2 molecular weight: 204.23;CAS: 73-22-3.Melting point: 289-290 °C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation: -31.1 (C =1, H20) boiling point: 342.72°C (rough estimate) density: 1.34
The appearance is white crystalline powder.Odorless, slightly bitter taste, slightly soluble in water (1.14%, 25℃), difficult to dissolve in ethanol.
Product use
L-tryptophan can be used as an amino acid drug.For amino acid infusion.It is often used together with iron and vitamins, and with VB6 to improve depression and prevent rough skin disease.Chemicalbook and l-dopa are used as a sedative for insomnia in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.Carcinogenic to experimental animals;Nausea, anorexia, sleeping and other adverse reactions.Contraindicated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
L - tryptophan can be used as a nutritional supplement.Egg white protein, fish, corn flour contains tryptophan to restrict such as amino acid, content in rice grain is less.But with lysine and methionine Chemicalbook, used to strengthen the amino acid threonine.According to 0.02% of tryptophan and 0.1% lysine add in corn products, can significantly increase protein.