Guanidinium acetic acid

Guanidinium acetic acid

Product details
Product physical indicators
Guanidineacetic acid(GAA)Also known as guanidine acetate;Molecular formula: C3H7N3O2, CAS No.: 352-97-6.
Appearance shape: white or yellowish pink, carrier may cause the appearance color change, but does not affect the function of the product.
Product details
98% guanidine acetic acid can be used in animal feed to quickly shape body shape, improve lean meat rate, promote protein synthesis, improve the efficiency of lean meat rate.Because creatine, a semi-essential nutrient, is lacking in the pure plant protein diet, and guanidylacetic acid is the precursor of creatine synthesis in vivo, guanidylacetic acid is more effective in the plant protein diet and can replace some animal-derived proteins such as fish meal and meat and bone meal.
Mechanism of action: guanidylacetic acid is a precursor of creatine.Creatine phosphate, which contains high potential energy of phosphate group transfer, exists widely in muscle and nerve tissue, and is the main energy supply material in animal muscle tissue.The addition of guanidinoacetic acid makes the body produce a large amount of phosphate group transfer material (phosphocreatine), thus providing the source power for the efficient work of muscle, brain, gonads and other tissues, promoting the energy distribution to the muscle tissue continuously.
Product features
1、Improvement of animal body shape: phosphocreatine only exists in large quantities in muscle and nerve tissue, and has little content in adipose tissue, so it can promote the transfer of energy to muscle tissue, which can significantly improve the body shape of lean pig, with wide back and plump and firm buttocks.
2、Promote the growth of livestock, poultry, fish and shrimp: guanidine acetic acid is the precursor of creatine, stable performance, high absorption rate, can promote more energy distribution to the synthesis of muscle tissue.The daily weight gain of livestock and poultry increased by more than 7%, and the growth rate of fish and shrimp increased by more than 8%.Guanidomyoacetic acid was used in the 50-100kg stage to reduce the feed-meat ratio of 0.2, and the growth and fattening pigs were put out of the column 7-10 days ahead of time. Over 15kg of feed could be saved for each pig.
3、Stable product, no side effects: guanidine acetic acid is metabolized by animal body in the form of creatine anhydride, and there is no residual in the body, which effectively overcomes the toxic and side effects of many illegal drugs.
4、Scavenging free radicals and improving the color of flesh: supplementation of creatine can reduce the production of free radicals in mitochondria, obtain better color and muscle quality, accelerate the synthesis of ATP in muscles, and reduce various loading, transportation, transgroup and other thermal stress reactions.