L- arginine

L- arginine

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Product features
L-arginine, CAS no. :74-79-3 molecular formula :C6H14N4O2 molecular weight :174.2.Melting point 222 °C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation 27.1 (C =8, 6N HCl) boiling point 305.18°C (rough estimate) density 1.2297 (rough estimate)
White diamond crystal or monoclinic crystal, no odor, bitter taste;Soluble in water (solubility in 0℃ water is 83g/L, solubility in 50℃ water is 400g/L), very slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in diethyl ether
Product use
L-arginine is an essential amino acid for the growth and development of infants.It is an intermediate metabolite of the ornithine cycle that converts ammonia into urea, reducing blood ammonia content.It is also the main component of the Chemicalbook protein, which promotes sperm production and provides sperm movement energy.In addition, intravenous injection of arginine can stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone, which can be used in the pituitary function test.
L-arginine can be used as a nutritional supplement.Seasoning.A heated reaction with sugar (aminocarbonyl reaction) yields a special aromatic substance.China GB 2760-2001 for permitted use of food spices.Amino acid infusion and synthesis of amino acid preparation of important components.