DL- alanine

DL- alanine

Product details
Product features
Dl-alanine also known as dl-l-amino-propionic acid;CAS NO.:302-72-7, molecular formula: C3H7NO2;Density: 1,424;Melting point: 272-275℃;Boiling point: 212.9 °C at 760 mmHg;Flash point: 82.6 °C.
Appearance: colorless to white acicular crystalline or crystalline powder, odorless, sweet, soluble in water.
Product use
Dl-alanine is mainly used in food processing industry as nutrition supplement and seasoning.Second, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry.It can also be used as biochemical reagent.
 China GB 2760 -- 2001 for permitted use of food spices.This product has a special sweet taste, sweet than sand sugar, for glycine 1.6 times.Mainly used as a food additive, can be used alone, can also be made with sodium glutamate compound seasoning, its sales accounted for a relatively high number of sweet compound seasoning agent.Can improve the artificial sweetener taste;Add 1% ~ 10%(generally about 1%) to artificial sweetener, can make sweet soft, improve after taste.Improve the sour taste of organic acid, improve the flavor of vinegar;Adding 1% ~ 5% of organic acid can improve the sour taste of acetic acid, succinic acid, fumaric acid, citric acid and tartaric acid.Use about 0.2% to improve the flavor of vinegar.
‚ With sour taste, make salt into taste quickly, improve the effect of pickles, pickles, according to the salt content of 5% ~ 10%, can shorten the curing time, improve the flavor;For nucleic acid flavoring, adding about 3 ~ 5 times of it can enhance the flavoring effect.
ƒ It is used as acid rectifying agent and buffer of synthetic sake and refreshing beverage, and the amount of seasoning used in synthetic sake is 0.01% ~ 0.03%.Can prevent foaming wine aging, reduce yeast odor;Alcohol can be added to alcoholic beverages in the proportion of 0.1% ~ 0.5% or 0.2% ~ 1.5% to mellow the alcohol.Antioxidant, in a variety of food processing: 0.0l% ~ 1.0% of the proportion added to oil or mayonnaise;According to the proportion of 0.2% ~ 0.3%, it can not only prevent oxidation, but also improve the flavor.
„ Used as raw material for the manufacture of vitamin B6, for the metabolism of medical microorganisms and biochemical amino acids.
… Dl-alanine is also an important intermediate in the synthesis of some agricultural and pharmaceutical drugs, medicine microorganisms and biochemical amino acid metabolism drugs.