ferrous glycinate

ferrous glycinate

Product details
Product physical indicators
Ferrous bis-glycine, molecular formula C4H8FEN2O4, molecular weight 203.96,CAS no. 20150-34-9.
Properties: light yellow-brown-green crystalline powder, stable, permanent storage.No general iron agent iron smell, is tasteless soluble organic iron, soluble in water.
Product functional use
The use of ferrous glycine can avoid the absorption barrier of phytic acid to the general iron agent, its absorption rate is about 3-5 times of ferrous sulfate, still can promote the absorption of calcium, zinc, selenium and other elements, will not cause food color or flavor.Physiological function: improve iron deficiency anemia.Ferrous glycine is a kind of medicine that is used to prevent iron deficiency anaemia, the crystalline powder that shows yellow brown, shelf life is very long, won't degenerate easily, ferrous glycine does not have its * iron agent's iron fishy taste, it is tasteless, soluble organic iron.The preparation method of ferrous glycine is mainly obtained by the reaction of glycine and reduced iron. The main physiological function of ferrous glycine is * and improvement of iron deficiency anemia.The absorption rate of ferrous glycine is very high, but also can promote the absorption of calcium, zinc, selenium and other elements, added in the food will not cause food flavor.Ferrous glycine also has side effects. Common side effects are gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and upper abdominal pain.Stop taking the medicine as soon as you feel uncomfortable.